Starting Sunday, January 12th!

Questions & Answers

What will I do with my kids if I come an hour then serve an hour?

Children in Trinity Preschool will have the opportunity to stay both hours. Children in Trinity Kids (1st-5th grade) really have two options. 1. They can stay another hour in the kids ministry in which we will take good care of them and continue to disciple them. 2. They can attend service with you. Pastor Brian encourages you to bring your children into worship with you and to let them watch adults worship and be a part of a worship service. Remember it is ok if they color, sleep and are a little fidgety, as it is a part of their discipleship process in being a part of the service with you. Either option is awesome and we will take care of you!

What do I do after I drop off my teenager for small group?

We would suggest a few options. 1. We would love for you to attend our Growth Track class and learn more about our church, find out a way to get plugged into a small group along with finding a place of service that you can plug into during the 9am hour. 2. Enjoy a great cup of coffee and breakfast at the Coffee Corner and take a moment to relax. 3. Attend a worship service then attend small group during the 10:45 hour while your teenager is in the worship service.

What time can I drop off my kids?

Starting at 8:30am every Sunday morning.

Will there still be Sunday School Classes available?

Yes. We will have one “Sunday School Class” or what we like to call small group during the 10:45 hour. See the graphic above.

How do I get plugged into a place of service?

The first step is to attend Growth Track. Just go to and you can learn more.

How do I find a small group to get plugged into?

It is our desire for all to be in a small group. Just go to to find a group that fits you.


Will both worship services be the same style?

Yes. Both services will be the exact same just different times.

How much time is in-between the two services?

30 minutes. We want to create time for us to keep a strong community feel at Trinity. So show up early or stay a little after worship if you would like.

Will the Coffee Corner with breakfast be open the whole time?

Yes. We will open by 8:30am and stay open until the second service begins.

What time will Pastor Brian’s prayer time be that morning?

7:30am Pastor Brian prays over our Worship Center each Sunday. He would love for you to come pray with him.

Will both services be livestreamed?

No. We will only livestream the 10:45am service. If you have someone being baptized during the 9:00am service, remember all baptisms are posted on our website by Monday so that you can share the video and have others watch it.

If I have been serving on a Serve Team, will my times of service still be the same?

Because we will be wanting our volunteers to serve during a service and go to church during the other service, maybe not. Many of the teams could use your service every week. If that doesn’t work for you and your family, just contact your team leader and they will work with you. But we want to give all of those who currently serve, the continued opportunity to serve Jesus.


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