Trinity Preschool is for infants through kindergarten. It is a place where kids can come and be excited to hear about God’s love for them and start a foundation for their relationship with Christ. Each week your preschool-aged child will experience a Bible lesson through engaging activities, worship and prayer. The fun environment that’s safe and secure, loving leaders and creative programming make this a place your children won’t want to leave.
TrinityKids offers a place where children from first through fourth grade can discover and develop a passion for God. Through teaching, worship, service opportunities and a variety of engaging activities, children are exposed to God’s Word and challenged to grow in their relationship with God.
Sunday morning services begin at 9:30am and continue through the 11:00am Worship Service.
Wednesday night service begins at 6:30pm and we look forward to seeing your family! Kids 3 years old through 5th grade focus on a different topic each month. Each Wednesday, they will play games, worship, and memorize and discuss scripture. 
Each week, your children will be checked in through our secure system. You will receive a pick up tag that you will show to our security volunteers on your way out. Planning your visit will allow this check-in process to be smooth and quick on your first visit.