TrinityKids welcomes parents to be an active part of our ministry through a variety of service opportunities. To find out more about how you can start serving today, contact  Becky Benedict
We have many ways for adults to serve in the lives of our students. If you would like more information on how you could use your gifts in our Student Ministry, please contact Toby Anderson
Our worship style is broad, ranging from hymns to modern worship. We truly believe that worship is more than artistic expression, it’s an attitude of the heart. We want to provide a heartfelt, meaningful worship experience for wherever you are in your walk with Christ. The Trinity worship team is a thriving and diverse group of artists dedicated to serving God through the arts.

Our aim is to create worship environments that allow people to meet God and discover His personal message of grace through the use of music, drama and other creative arts.

If you have an interest in serving as a musician or singer on Sunday mornings, we’d love to talk with you about scheduling an audition. In this audition, we’ll get to know you more and have you sing or play for our worship pastor to help determine the right fit for you.

For those not quite ready to jump into the worship team, we on occasion have a “come as you are choir” that will rehearse on Sunday morning and help lead out in that service. Watch for those dates on Trinity emails and handouts. We would love to have you!

If you would like more information about our Worship Ministry, please contact the church office at 405.354.4839

Week in and week out, teams of people meet together with the challenge of creating a service that God can use to change lives. We believe that God created the arts to be used for His glory. We know that worship is a way of life, that as Christ followers everything we do should be an act of worship, but the gathering on Sunday gives us an opportunity to join with others and together recognize who God is and understand His leadership in our lives.

The Production Ministry of Trinity is built and functions completely through the ministry of volunteers serving in teams. Everything we do, we do in teams. We find incredible joy in knowing that no one is doing this alone, but teaming up with others who share the same passion for God and Trinity.

If you have any question about how you could play a role on any of these teams, please contact Brian Grider.

Our Guest Services Ministry (GSM) consists of seven teams working together to make everyone feel welcome when they come to Trinity. We desire to create the most positive worship experience for everyone who attends Trinity, whether a first-time guest or a charter member. From the parking lot to the Worship Center, one of our members is always available to help. Our GSM volunteers serve every two weeks in their deisgnated ministries. We currently have over 100 volunteers serving in the GSM. This is one of the simplest ways to begin serving at Trinity. For more information about joining one of our teams contact Scott Kinney

Care Team – The mission of the Care Ministry is to meet and warmly welcome all first-time attending guests to Trinity, offering friendly assistance and spiritual help to every guest who enters our building. Our goal is to meet, greet, and minister to people in a way that will enable them to make a decision to follow Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Volunteers on these teams love to meet new people and desire to start building a relationship with them on the first Sunday that they attend.  It is our desire to bring each family to a point where they are actively connected and serving in our church. 

Greeters – The Mission of the Greeters’ Ministry is to warmly receive and welcome guests and members to Trinity, offering friendly assistance to every person who enters our building for a life-changing experience. We hope to greet people in a way that will enable them to make a decision to follow Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Our greeters serve at all entrances and strive to make a genuine and lasting impression on all who come to worship and to help in any way possible.  

Ushers – Our purpose as Ushers is to prepare our guests for the spiritual meal that is to be served. It is essential that we exemplify the spirit of Christ as we welcome and serve those who attend our services. We help and guide people into the Worship Center in a manner that will hopefully enable them to make a decision to follow Jesus Christ. This important ministry entails helping members and guests find seats, taking the offering, assisting handicapped persons, and providing limited security for our congregation.

CoffeeCorner – The CoffeeCorner teams are friendly people serving coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, frappuccinos, smoothies, soft drinks, pastries and cookies. The CoffeeCorner is open before and after services on Sundays and Wednesdays. CoffeeCorner team members enjoy serving and visiting with the folks of Trinity.  

Parking Lot Team – The Parking Lot Team is made up of three teams of  volunteers who warmly greet and help everyone who comes to worship. They are responsible to help coordinate parking in an efficient manner and are the first friendly faces seen by our guests and regular attenders. The Parking Lot Team consists of men and women who work in our parking lot to make sure everyone arrives safely and has a great worship experience. Our Parking Lot Teams serve once every three weeks and are looking for more volunteers to serve.  Please contact us at the church office to let us know of your interest. 

Welcome Center Team – Our ‘Welcome Center’ is located in the center of our commons area. We currently have two teams of volunteers serving every other week to help our guests and members in anyway possible. At the Welcome Center we will have information on all of Trinity’s ministries as well as directions for the new facility. If you are new to Trinity, be sure and come by our Welcome Center. We would love to get to know you. If you would like to be part of this important ministry of the GSM, please contact us at the church office at 405.354.4839. 

Medical Response Team – Our Medical Response Team is always on duty to meet any medical emergency that might occur at the Trinity Campus. These are trained and licensed doctors, nurses, and EMT’s who volunteer to serve all who are in attendance at Trinity. If you are interested in being part of this valuable GSM team, let Scott Kinney/GSM pastor or Jackie Boatman/GSM administrator know. You can reach us at the church office or at Scott Kinney