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December 23, 2020 Blog

Luke 2:10   “…but the angel reassured them. “Don’t be afraid!” he said. “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people.”

“Don’t be afraid!”

As you celebrate Christmas this week, remember that you can always stand in confidence through all that you walk through in this life, knowing your God is with you!  Even in the unknowns, the uncertain, the unexplainable – we need not to be afraid for Emmanuel is with us!

“…I bring you good news…

Pause today and thank the Lord for sending Jesus!! It is indeed the greatest news!!

“…that will bring great joy…”

 No matter the pain you face you can find joy through the pain, valleys, fears, frustrations, and heartache, knowing that Jesus is with you through them all!  He came for you!! 


2020 has been a tough year for everyone in various ways, from sickness, to job loss, the loss of loved ones, to loneliness and isolation. It has been a year of adjustments and changes.  It has been a year of loss, sadness and pain.  It has been a year of surprises.  Let’s just say it has been a year!  But through all that we have walked through in 2020, I find great hope knowing our God has walked it with us and may we always pause and find joy in knowing that JESUS IS LORD through it ALL!  Through the ups and the downs and the in-between – He will always be with us!

This year through the ministry of Trinity Baptist Church we have seen many saved and over 80 people baptized!! PRAISE GOD CHURCH!!  We have seen God’s people stay faithful in their giving through a very fearful time as we have walked through this pandemic.  We have been given new visions and dreams to say yes to, like the Together We Journey.  We have worked hard at keeping the church doors open as much as we could and the Lord has shined great favor on us in that!  I pray that the Lord has used the ministry of Trinity to bless you & your family in some way in this year of 2020!! 

We are not done yet!!  We still have our annual Christmas Eve services this Thursday starting at 2:30 pm, at 4:00 pm and again at 6:00 pm.  We added another service to give ample space for social distancing for all of our families to gather together to celebrate our Savior’s birth. Then, we have our last service of 2020 on Sunday, December 27th!  So invite others to be a part of these with us. 

So church, as we start 2021 remember that we will start in prayer.  Just like we did at the beginning of 2020, we will spend the first 21 days of 2021 in Prayer and Fasting.  Start praying now for what it is that you need to give up & abstain from in 2021 from January 3rd to January 23rd as we seek the Lord for His will, His ways, and His purposes for our lives & the life of our church in 2021!  Then through each day we will text you, or you can pick up a hard copy at the church, of verses to pray over yourself, the church and our community through each of the 21 days.  This is a special time that I would encourage you to get the whole family involved in. 

Here are a few devotions you might like for 2021:

  • Paul David Tripp – “New Morning Mercies”
  • Boyd Baily – “Seeking Daily the Heart of God” (Volume 1 and 2)
  • The One Year Bible
  • The One Year Chronological Bible
  • “Salvaging My Identity” – A 40 day journey for teenage girls (MS/HS)
  • “Checkpoints: A Tactical Guide to Manhood” – A 40 day journey for teenage boys (MS/HS)


Then to conclude our 21 days of prayer and fasting, on January 24th, we will have a Trinity Family Worship Night to reflect on all the Lord has given us through 21 days of prayer and fasting!! 

If you have not signed up for our Marriage Conference with Dr. Ronnie and Jeana Floyd, you will want to do so today!  It will February 12-14th and the cost is $20.00.  The 12th will just be that evening, the 13th will be that morning, and then to all who attend the conference, we will have free childcare available for you at the church in order for you and your spouse to have a date night out for Valentine’s Day. Then to conclude the weekend,  on Sunday, the 14th Pastor Floyd will be preaching in both services at Trinity!!  You won’t want to miss any of this weekend and this event will fill up, so sign up today!!


I pray this next year that you will think of one person you can invite to be a part of our church with us and may we see many come to know Christ in 2021!! 

Church, my family and I are so thankful for you!!  And if there is ever anything that we can do for you please let me know!!!  


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Your Pastor,

Brian Mills


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