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May 16, 2020 Blog


Be encouraged today by Paul’s words while under house arrest in Philippians 4:11-12;

I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.”

I know the past two months have been a challenge for us all and we have been stretched a lot during this season to find joy.  I think we all understand what it means to choose to be content in whatever circumstance.  Paul was a man who was stoned and left for dead (Acts 14:19), beaten and jailed at Philippi (Acts 16:19–24), suffered name calling and ridicule (Acts 17:16–18; 26:24), falsely accused (Acts 21:21, 28; 24:5–9), on five occasions he was given thirty- nine lashes by the Jews (2 Cor. 11:24), beaten with rods three times by the Romans (2 Cor. 11:25) and was forsaken by friends and co-laborers (2 Tim. 4:10, 16) and yet he said “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” 

Living content changes your perspective through the day to day circumstances.  The world as we know it changed overnight on us and for weeks now we have been trying to figure out what things will look like in the future.  May we all be challenged today to stop being anxious about what life might look like tomorrow and rest in where God has us today.  Just pause, rest and express gratitude unto the Lord for where He has you.  He’s got you, He sees you and He holds the future in His hands.



What a ride we have been on over the last few months at Trinity as well as for the church all around our world today. 

To reflect back, on March 15th if you recall, most churches had already shut down and we still had the opportunity to meet then. But by March 22nd all churches and gatherings had to move to an online venue and we are so thankful for the technology and the means to do this during this season.  The Church did not shut down, nor did the church stop meeting, it just had to look different for a season.  What a blessing those 6 weeks were!  We were able to have thousands viewing our service each week through our church members sharing and commenting like never before.  And as a result have been able to get the Gospel message out like we have never seen before!  The Lord has truly shined his favor on our ONLINE campus through this season.  We saw 12 people make a profession of faith and be baptized during those 6 weeks and so many other decisions, along with over 70 people attending Growth Track and becoming a part of our church.  Church, never take lightly that God is on the move!!!  We experienced this new normal for 6 weeks, then on May 3rd we were able to open the doors of our building again and have “in the room” church as well as our “online” campus.  We moved our church, for a season, to 3 services in order to allow the doors to open in a safe and effective way that honored the guidelines that our state and local authorities put into place. 


NOW IT IS TIME TO MOVE TO PHASE 2 of those guidelines!  

We will continue our new 3 services format moving forward, for a season, while we open back up our Next Generation Ministries (Preschool, Kids and Students) on Sunday Mornings.  THIS WILL HAPPEN THIS SUNDAY, May 17th.  The 3 service format will allow us to get Preschool and Kids back and yet still strive to keep the crowds smaller.  Due to such an amazing student ministry space that the Lord has blessed us with, we feel that we can have all students at our 10am hour for Student small groups without needing to spread them out through 3 services.  We will also be opening back up our Coffee Corner venue on Sunday’s beginning this week as well. 

Church, we know this is a challenging time for all of us and some are not ready to move this fast, and remember, THAT IS OKAY!!  We will be here when you are ready and we pray that the ministry of our ONLINE campus will continue to be a huge blessing to you.  We also want to be here for you, so if we can do anything for you or pray for you in any certain way please let us know. 


QUICK BREAKDOWN OF PHASE 2 (Explained above):

8:30am – We will have a Worship Service, Preschool ministry, Kids Ministry and Coffee Corner available

10:00am – We will have a Worship Service, Preschool ministry, Kids Ministry, Student Ministry small groups and Coffee Corner available 

11:30am – We will have a Worship Service, Preschool ministry, Kids Ministry and Coffee Corner available. (For those who are a little more concerned to be around people this is the hour you can come and feel very spread out.) 

I want to say thank you for being so faithful through this season.  Many of you have stepped up and served others have consistently reached out to one another and prayed for each other and all of you have stayed faithful in your giving.  We have an amazing Church and God is doing something special through the people of Trinity.  Together We are a reaching, discipling and sending church impacting generations for Christ!  Let’s not stop!! 

Keep sharing, Keep Inviting and Keep investing in those around you!! 

We love you church!!


Pastor Brian Mills


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