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August 25 Together We Journey Update

The Together We Journey has begun and I don’t know about you all, but I cannot wait to see how the Lord really shows off through this dream that He has given us as a church!!  This journey is going to help us advance our mission of “Together We are a Reaching, Discipling and Sending church, impacting generations for Christ” in a way like we never have before!! 

I want to remind you of a few dates you don’t want to miss as we get close to the kick-off of the Together We Journey along with answer a few questions that we have received.

1. You should have received a letter from me in the mail with a commitment card and an envelope.  You can turn that card in on Sunday, September 13th or mail it in to the church office by September 13th.  I challenge you to really pray, as an individual and as a family, and ask the Lord what is that you can do to participate in this journey, OVER AND ABOVE YOUR TITHE, and let the Lord really stretch you in this.  Remember, my only challenge to you as the church is that we all would participate in whatever way the Lord might be speaking to your heart. 
2. On Sunday, September 13th will be our first “Big Give Day” and commitment Sunday. We are praying that by September 13th we will have raised $300,000 to give towards the Together We Journey, and have everyone turn in their commitment cards as well by this day.  


3. You can give to the Together We Journey on any week that you would like, just drop your gift in a Together We Journey envelope and put it in the offering, give online at or mail in your gift. Again, our goal by Sunday, September 13th is that we reach this first goal of $300,000 to be given on that day or up to that day, over and above the tithe. 


4. If you need a pledge card you can find them in the church lobby, in the seat backs in the Worship Center, by contacting one of our staff members or if you haven’t decided to come back due to COVID-19, please call us and we will mail you one.


5. If you have a business outside of our church that would like to give to the Together We Journey they can contact us or go to and give online there. If they would like to contact us directly, they can contact Katy in our business office at 


6. If you would like to be a part of matching what others give you may also contact Katy in our business office at


7. This is a journey over and above our tithe. Biblically we know the Tithe goes to the Lord through the local church.  The Tithe is 10% of what the Lord has given us through our income.  Over and above the tithe in scripture is called an offering.  The Together We Journey is an offering given to the Lord through Trinity Baptist Church towards The Together We Journey to make an impact in our community.  It is import we do both as we continue on with our mission as at church. 


8. Don’t forget that you can find all information regarding the Together We Journey at


This is a big dream and a big goal that will make a big impact in our community and for the future!  The leadership of our church and I know that the Lord has given this to us and we are so excited to see all He does with it!  Please remember that this is a cash only journey.  We will not take on any additional debt to make this dream become a reality, as we also have a 3-year plan to become debt free as a church by 2023 that is already set in motion.  This is why it is important for us TOGETHER to really pray for how the Lord wants to use us in this journey and that He would provide in a big way and allow us to reach these goals! 

I am so thankful for you Trinity and it’s truly an honor to get to be your Senior Pastor. I am humbled and incredibly grateful for all that the Lord is doing here at our church and in our community.  Please let me know how we can serve you and your family!  Keep investing in our community, sharing online, and inviting people to come with you to church!! 


Together We,

Brian Mills


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