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September 2020 Blog

Awake Dry Bones!!

“This is what the Sovereign Lord says to these bones: I will make breath enter you, and you will come to life.  12 My people, I am going to open your graves and bring you up from them; I will put my Spirit in you and you will live!” – Ezekiel 37:1-14  

Many people have become spiritually dried up and parched as a result of the many events that we’ve walked through in 2020. Many have thrown in the towel on their spiritual journey throughout this year, but I believe that we all need to hear the word from the Lord that says to all of us in 2020, “AWAKE”!!  As a pastor, my heart is so heavy for how many have disengaged from church and from the Lord through the closing of churches, the isolation, and all of the fear and anxiety that has swept through our nation and throughout the world in 2020. As a result that has led to some dry bones, life being dried up within the people of God and church, I’m just telling you, I believe the Lord wants to breathe life back into us today and breathe life back into our dry bones!  All of Ezekiel 37:1-14 is worth the read as you have time to go read it today. And as I read this passage in Ezekiel 37 this morning, just know that I am praying this for each of us, that God would breathe powerful life back into His children once again! 



It is time to wake up spiritually!  

Let His Church Awake & Arise!  

Go out & live today like the Spirit of God lives in you and through you!  

Live with hope!  

Live with peace!  

Live with boldness!  

Live with conviction!  

Live with humility!

Live with passion!

Live with great love!  

Go & live today like you have been brought out of the grave!  


I am praying for salvation to sweep across Canadian County because the Christians in our county have awaken and are living like the Spirit of God actually lives in them!  I am praying that we see a mighty move of God happen as we approach the latter part of 2020.  I am praying that God will use Trinity Baptist Church in the lives of those in our community in a big, big way!! 


Will you join me in that prayer for our area and for our church, that the Lord will do a new thing and that we will see a special move of God happen? 


I couldn’t be more excited about the journey we are on as a church, called the Together We Journey (  A journey that will transform our facility and that will impact and invest into our community like we have never done before!  Mark your calendar for the upcoming date of Sunday, September 13th as this will be our first big give Sunday as well as our Commitment Sunday for everyone to turn in their pledge cards regarding how you and your family will participate with us in this Together We Journey! On September 13th we are praying that through this first offering that the Lord would allow us to bring in $300,000 and bring in a pledge amount of $1,050,000 or MORE towards the Together We Journey.  Remember this Journey is over and above our Tithe.  Let’s stay faithful in the giving of our tithe out of obedience unto the Lord but let’s allow Him to stretch us in our offering commitments for the Together We Journey!!  C’mon somebody!!!    


We have a lot coming up this fall in the life of our church – so here are some upcoming events we have coming up at Trinity that you should make note of…


Financial Peace University is being offered for FREE this fall here at Trinity!!!

What!?!  FREE!!  You could not ask for better financial planning and advice than from the master of financial freedom himself, Dave Ramsey, and we are offering it to our church for FREE!  You can checkout this amazing program at

You can sign up for this FREE Tuesday night class for Financial Peace here:


Tuesday’s @ Trinity are starting back on September 8th:

  • Financial Peace – Register online at here
  •  Grief Share – Register online here


Saturday, October 3rd – we are hosting our Trinity Women – FLOURISH “mini-conference” from 9:00am-4:00pm here at the church. The cost for Saturday’s activities is only $20 – breakfast and lunch are provided. You can find more information about this on our website, as well as register online.

Then on Sunday evening October 4th, we have our 2nd FLOURISH women’s worship night “Free to Flourish” at 6:30pm for all women in our community. We will have worship led by our very own Cody Dunbar and his band and special guest speaker, Amy Cordova! This will be a special night for our ladies that you will not want to miss – so invite 5-10 ladies in your sphere of influence – – your neighbors, co-workers, and friends and come to FLOURISH on Sunday evening, October 4th.  This is a free event for women all over our community!


Sunday, October 4th, I have asked you to save the date and invite your ONE to come with you to church! Who is that One person that you know who does not attend church or who is lost and invite them to join you in worship on that day to either our 9:30am or 11am service.  If they are not ready to be in the room yet invite them to join us online at 9:30am, 11am, 2pm, 6pm or 8pm. 


Sunday, October 11thwe have the infamous MEN’S STEAK DINNER

WOW!!!  GET READY!!  Men, we are challenging you to invite 5 men to join us that night for fun, fellowship, steaks, great giveaways (guns, grills and so much more) and the gospel message will be shared!  Start inviting men to join us now!!!  Get your tickets HERE


And then remember to Save the Date for February 12th & 13th for a Marriage Conference we are putting together with special guests, Dr. Ronnie Floyd and his wife Jeana.  This will be something special for you and all your married friends that you will want to make sure and attend together! More information to come. 


Church, my family and I are so thankful for you!!  We are thankful the Lord allows us to Pastor the most amazing group of people on the planet.  Know that we pray for you daily and if we can do anything for you please let us know.  I personally want to thank you for how you love us and love others so well. 


We truly are the friendliest, loving church!!! 


Pastor Brian Mills


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