The mission of the Impact/Missions team at Trinity is to bring a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to non-believers and to disciple believers within our church body by sharing the gospel through love and service.
If a light is brightest at home, then it makes sense that the majority of our gospel outreach focus will be on our community. Community starts at the Yukon area, but includes the greater Oklahoma City. We realize our outreach goals through Impact Community projects aimed at providing service to those in need, in a way that allows us to share the gospel with them.
Trinity’s Impact Team has a rich, broad group of relationships with missions in Haiti, India, and Mexico. We support those missions by leading teams to those countries to work and serve, by helping raise money for their needs, and by connecting the missions with local resources from inside and outside of our church body.

If you are interested in serving in the Impact Ministry, please contact Scott Kinney at or 405.354.4839

FaithClinic Logo
The mission of the Faith Clinic is to offer the healing hope of Jesus Christ and contribute to health and well-being by providing quality, holistic healthcare to every patient.
This is a free health clinic for the uninsured. We cannot accept patients that have insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, SoonerCare or other payer types. No narcotics will be prescribed or administered.
The Faith Clinic is open every Tuesday from 6:00pm-9:00pm, by appointment only, at Trinity Baptist Church at 620 N. Cemetery Road, Yukon, OK 73099.
For more information or to make an appointment, please contact 405.265.6198 or

Do you know that a single mother with two children who makes $19,530.00 is at poverty level? At that income level, a simple brake job can equal almost a week’s pay.  

Buddy’s Hands is a Christian, non-profit ministry that provides low-cost or no-cost car parts and repairs to help striving low-income, single parents so they can continue working hard without the devastating set back a car repair brings. 

There are several ways you can make a difference! Your donations can be designated specifically to purchase car parts, pay labor if necessary, or service cars to keep them running smoothly. If you are a mechanic or have a shop or can provide car care, let us know if you can help! For more information or if you would like to give to this ministry, please contact Alan Baker