The Universal Hand Gesture: Mark 9:14-32

There are some things that you are just ‘supposed to know.’  You are supposed to know how to act and how to dress in certain situations.  You are supposed to know what certain words and actions mean.

But you don’t always know – though it seems like everyone else knows – except you.

A friend of mine said that when he was growing up, everyone seemed to know a particular hand gesture using a middle finger.  
You know the gesture – it’s practically universal, and it doesn't mean ‘You’re number 1!’

But my friend didn’t know what it meant, and he was afraid to ask, because he would look dumb.
After all, doesn’t everyone know what that means?  

Often we don’t ask questions because we think everyone expects us to already know certain things.

Do you think the disciples felt like they were expected to know certain things?  Were they reluctant to ask Jesus particular questions?  In Mark 9.14-32 Jesus heals a demon-possessed boy.  The disciples had already failed in their attempt to heal the boy.  Jesus said the healing could only be accomplished through great prayer.

Jesus then described how He would be killed and rise again three days later.  Verse 32 says that the disciples didn’t understand and were “afraid to ask.”
If the disciples were afraid to ask Jesus about the killing and resurrection, which Jesus had just described to them, they probably weren’t privately asking God for faith and spiritual power for healing.

Sometimes we assume that the expectation for our Christian lives is so high, that we are afraid to ask Jesus for the strength and faith to live each day.

The demon-possessed boy’s father gives us the perfect words to describe our problem, “I do believe!  Help my unbelief.”

What have you been afraid to ask Jesus?  Why not ask Him now?