The Transforming Moment: Mark 9:2-13

“No, I am your father!”  When I heard those words everything changed.  I knew I hated Darth Vader.  But when he announced who he really was – I didn’t know what to believe.  It was shocking to learn who he had been the whole time.  We thought we knew who he was, but in an instant his true identity was revealed.

I admit it is risky to use this illustration when talking about Jesus.  There is no connection between our Lord and the dark lord in Star Wars.  But in both cases there is a failure to understand who they truly are.

Although the disciples were beginning to understand that Jesus was the Messiah – they were unable to comprehend that it meant He was, in fact, God.  In Mark 9.2-13 we have this amazing moment when Jesus is transfigured before them.  He reveals His glory and the disciples get a glimpse of who He really is.

The word “transfigured” in Mark 9.2 is the translation of metamorphoomai.  It means that there is an outward and visible expression of the true inner person.  Put more simply, we see on the outside who someone is on the inside.   It’s as if the glory of God, disguised and contained by a very normal flesh and bones and human clothing suddenly bursts forth in a blaze.  In an instant we see what was really inside Him the whole time.

Jesus is more than He appeared to be.  When the disciples were willing to confess the truth – they saw more of Jesus than they could have imagined.

The same is true in your life.  Confess Christ as Lord – and you will see Him in ways you never imagined.

BTW – The line from the movie is often misquoted as “Luke, I am your father!”  In fact – he says “No, I am your father!”
It was Star Wars Episode 5 – if you want to totally geek out and relive a moment of your youth – here you go!