The Spiritual Wet Willy: Mark 7:31-37

One of my favorite things to do is teach young children how to give a wet willy.  Nothing torments a parent more than to have their child learn bad behavior.  I always thought the wet willy was harmless, yet maddening for mothers.  Perfect!

In this passage in Mark, Jesus heals a deaf and mute man through a series of odd behaviors.  Jesus puts His fingers in the man’s ears, spits, touches the man’s tongue, says a word and the man is healed.

This is a short passage that raises many questions:
Why did Jesus go through the unusual series of motions?
Were the motions necessary for healing?
Jesus took the man aside privately to heal him, why?

And what is even more unusual, the more Jesus asks them to be quiet about it, the more they talk!
The challenge for us today is the opposite.  Jesus has asked us to share the Gospel with the world, why do we remain silent?