Getting The Inside Story: Mark 4:1-20

Have you ever stepped into a conversation where people were sharing a joke that you didn’t get?
Have you had the feeling that whatever they are talking about is an “inside” joke?

In this week's passage Jesus tells us that there are some folks who don't 'get it.'

In Mark chapter 3 we were introduced to the idea of “insiders” and “outsiders.”  Insiders were those who believed Jesus was the Messiah, while outsiders did not believe in Jesus.  In the story, the insiders were in the house with Jesus while the outsiders (including His own family) literally stood outside the house.

This week Jesus begins to speak in parables and we see another kind of insider/outsider.  Insiders understand the parables; they 'get it,' but outsiders are confused.  Jesus tells the parable about sowing seed, and then has to explain it to His confused disciples.

 Here’s the question: because the disciples didn’t ‘get it,’ does that mean they are outsiders?

How do you know if you are an insider?